Project Description

Inflite – The Jet Centre, Stansted

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly to London in your own private jet and be greeted by a chauffer driven Rolls Royce the Inflite Jet Centre at Stansted is a great place to start. We were approached by Inflite to produce a short corporate video to be used for a commercial air travel conference in the USA. Our timescale was constrained by this deadline which meant that we needed to complete the filming in early December when the days were approaching their shortest duration and even interiors could be very dark. Together with operating around a working private air terminal, aircraft movements, safety considerations, customs, security, not to mention the , confidentiality issues associated with high-end luxury air travel, this made for a very interesting project.

“I would give you a nine out of ten for the whole production – How you ever got it produced on time is a miracle as we were running so very tight – but well done all round.” Penny Stephens, Managing Director Inflite

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